New Show Announced! (30 January 2019)

Crimson River will be playing on 22-03-2019 at Cafe K'Annet in Etten-Leur!



New Video online! (06 May 2019)

The Crimson River EP Making Of Video is now online!  In this episode: The making of The Great War and Saturn V


New Gig! (29 January 2018)

Crimson River will be playing on Sunday the 25th of March at the Metal Matinee (link) at Cafe t' Moest (link) in Eindhoven!

We will share the stage with Zwelbastard (link) and Decay (link). Come check it out!!


New Full Live Show on Youtube! (12 August 2017)

Crimson River played on Friday the 9th of June at the Rockcafé Backstage (link), supporting Solitary (UK) (link).  

We made a live video of the entire concert! Check it out!!



New Shows Announced! (03 May 2017)

Crimson River will be playing on Friday the 9th of June at the Rockcafé Backstage (link), supporting Solitary (UK) (link).  

We also play on Sunday, June 25th at Muziekcafé Helmond (link)!      Crimson River will play some new songs and will show off some new gear :)!

Stay tuned for more!

First Studio Recordings Finished! (5 April 2016)

After spending a weekend at Supernova Studio in Eindhoven we have now finished recording 2 really cool songs! Now comes the mastering process, which will be done by Tubefreak Mastering. We can't wait to hear the final end product, very exciting! Many Thanks to Bob de Wit of Supernova Studio for helping us through the recording sessions, and for a great time!

Stay tuned for the finished tunes!

New Crimson River Website! (1 april 2016)

The old and (t)rusty website that we've had for so many years has become a bit obsolete. And since we are planning to release some newly recorded songs, we decided this would be the best time to give the old website a big make-over. So here it is! You will probably notice some improvements or changes in the future, but the main part is ready, enjoy!