Crimson River is a rock / heavy metal band from Eindhoven, founded in 2011. Catchy riffs and flaming guitar solos characterize the sound. Strong influences from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal predominate. In addition, the 10-string B.C. Rich Bich and slide guitar provide a 70’s classic rock vibe. Leads inspired by Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen complete the picture.

Guitarists Kris van Rens and Danny Keijsers have known each other for a long time, they grew up in the same village (Hegelsom). Every now and then they jammed together, and the idea arose to start a band. A drummer and bassist from the same village joined in and the band was complete. After a few shows, however, this composition fell apart again, and a new drummer and bass player had to be found. In the meantime Kris had moved to Eindhoven, and the search was continued there. Drummer Tom Koene was soon found through Kris. Bassist Kevin Megens responded to an advertisement on, and so the current line-up was completed at the end of 2011.

It clicked immediately, and the different backgrounds of the band members complement each other very well. As a programmer, guitarist Kris is already completely absorbed in technology in daily life, and with guitarists such as Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen as inspiration, you can see that reflected in the band. Drummer Tom previously played in a punk band and prefers to keep it as simple as possible with a small drum kit. No double bass pedal in a metal band? It’s fine! Bassist Kevin is mainly focused on power metal and metalcore. So in addition to a solid foundation, this also provides a melodic undertone. Also the backing vocals are handled by Kevin. Guitarist and singer Danny is the only one who does not live in Eindhoven, but in Nijmegen. With his 10-string B.C. Rich Bich guitar he provides a special rhythm guitar sound. As a biologist, he does his best to make the band an organic unity.

After first having recorded a number of demos themselves, they thought it was now time for professional recordings. In 2016 the songs “The Great War” and “Saturn V” were recorded at The Supernova Studio in Eindhoven and in 2017 “The Rapture” was recorded at Studio Moscow in Utrecht. Eventually Erwin Hermsen of Toneshed Studio was called in to mix and master the tracks, and the “Crimson River EP” was the result. This came out in 2019, which was well received.

So then it was time for more! In 2020, the collaboration with Erwin and Toneshed Studio was continued and the recordings for the album “Here’s to the end… Again” started. Like everywhere else, the COVID pandemic threw a spanner in the works, and the recordings were delayed a lot. But finally on December 16, 2022, the single “Here’s To The End… Again” was released. On February 10, 2023, the rest of the album, which contains a total of 7 songs, will be released into the world!