About Here’s To The End… Again:

“…I am becoming more and more impressed by this fantastic debut. If you like modern old school heavy metal with a touch of thrash with a face all of its own, then Crimson River is an absolute must, in fact, hard-hitting mandatory listening…” Score: 93 / 100, and album of the week!! – (in Dutch)

“…I’m glad that Crimson River – unintentionally of course – hits me hard with Here’s to the End… Again. Without wanting to burst into superlatives, the Eindhoven foursome has released a surprisingly nice classic metal album. The songs are central, and sound refreshingly contemporary under the production management of Erwin Hermsen. Keep it up guys!”Wings Of Death (in Dutch)

“It blew me away” Click here for the entire review
Easily the best metal band to come out of The Netherlands in a long while!
10 points out of 10!! – Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

…I’ll be dammed if this thing didn’t rock my Smartwools right off! It was easily the most creative traditional metal record I’ve heard in a while. There’s Maiden, there’s Priest, there’s even some Loudness but none of it sounds derivative, copycat or forced. It just rocks. What makes this Crimson River flow oxbows around the crowd of retro-trad acts? Perhaps it’s all that crimson blood pumping from its metal heart.” Rating: Good – Angry Metal Guy

“…all the thrashing energy of Megadeth, Havok and Death Angel. (…) ‘Here’s…’ has some playing that would make fans of Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and Yngwie Malmsteen nod with appreciation (…) Crimson River have delivered an enjoyable debut with a huge 80’s feel…” – Metal Digest

“…Here’s To The End…Again, seven tracks to get your blood pumping and head banging.”
Songwriting: 9, Musicianship: 9, Memorability: 9, Production: 9
Verdict: Almost Perfect!! – Metal Temple

“This is classic stuff in the vein of Praying Mantis, Diamond Head, 220 Volt, with a style circa 1983 but an updated crisp production… and very good songs! Highly Recommended!!”0dayROX

“…you can clearly feel the influence of both heavy and progressive metal. ‘Armada’ underlines the absolute class of both the guitarist on duty and the position of the very long solo in a metal composition (…) Crimson River has managed to make a nice and varied, great metal record.” – White Room Reviews (in Dutch)

“The band definitely has potential, the guitar work is above average, the songs creative, the sound greasy and good.” – Score: 78 / 100 – Zware Metalen (in Dutch)

“Here’s To The End… Again is above all a very nice metal album from our home soil.” Score: 77 / 100 (in Dutch)

“Crimson River is actually surprisingly strong. Score: 75 / 100 (in Dutch)

“…a very interesting album that our neighbors have put down there. (…) with each run through grows the record, which has picked me up especially on the instrumental level. Friends of diversified music somewhere between modern hard rock and metal with classical inspired leads won’t go wrong if they check this thing out.” – Hellfire Magazin (in German)

“The Heavy Metal, which is administered to us, is quite crisp with predominantly punky-red vocals, nice that the NWoBHM still inspires quite a few musicians today. (…) “Here’s To The End… Again” is a successful album without failures and with tasteful production (…) the potential of the Dutch is already clearly visible on the debut, and this applies not only to the electric guitars.” – (in German)

About The Crimson River EP:

“The result is a solid, well-produced mix of heavy and thrash metal, reminiscent of (the late) Metallica and Megadeth (…) For a first release, it all sounds very decent and worth giving this group a listen.” (in Dutch)

“The band itself talks about strong influences from Megadeth and Metallica and indeed you can hear that. Both in vocals and in the music (…) In short: a nice EP of Crimson River that can be ordered via their website.”Arrow Lords of Metal (in Dutch)

“We hear modern metal with influences of famous names like Metallica and Megadeth from the early 90s. Nice and dirty guitar playing that doesn’t sound too polished in the final mix.”Zware Metalen (in Dutch)

…It is mainly the excellent guitar work that stands out, especially the solos are very nicely worked out. Rock Tribune (June 2019, in Dutch) Click here for the entire review